Energenic stands for an integrated form of physical coaching. This means that our program looks at improving your health on different levels. 

At the beginning of your program, we determine the goal and the starting point. The starting point is your health level right now. We determine this with our comprehensive health measurement (blood pressure, stress levels, blood sugar, BMI, fat percentage, circumference and weight). After the measurements, we create a plan that allows you to efficiently achieve your goal.

At Energenic, we focus on better health first before looking at the physical goal. This is because a solid foundation of health makes achieving a physical goal easier and ensures lasting results. After your program with our method, you will feel fitter, more energetic and look better!

The program consists of coaching in 5 areas: mindset, stress management, sleep, nutrition and exercise. If necessary, we can always incorporate a NeuroKinetic Therapy® or Psych-K® session into the program. This is because we like to see you get everything out of your program.


  • A customized nutrition plan
  • Personal training schedule(s) for in the gym and/or at home
  • Comprehensive monthly health measurement(s)
  • Coaching to improve your sleep, response to stressors and mindset

Would you like to train 1-on-1 under our tutelage? Then get in touch!

'Working from health toward your goals is what Energenic stands for. This because a foundation of health ensures a lasting result. Thereby a healthy, fit and strong body lets you get the best out of your daily life. This makes our program an investment that pays for itself!' 

Michiel Verschuur, owner Energenic

I started to get fit again after giving birth. I never expected it to have so much result! It has really changed my mindset and lifestyle and I feel fitter than ever'.

Holistic training approach based on all aspects of your life from training (resistance as well as cardio training), diet and stress management. They also offer a good reset program to asses where you can improve. I have seen the benefits to my energy levels and overall physical fitness so would definitely recommend Energenic!

Super capable organisation run by professionals. Started with personal training, but got so much more. Nutrition tips, exercise tips, emerging injuries nipped in the bud. Highly recommended!

I had 4 months of training and I am very satisfied with the treatment! I used the full range of services: PT, nutrition consultation and physio. I liked the fact that they are pretty reactive and monitor the situation quite regularly. Very suggested!

Energenic supports me in my rehabilitation after a corona infection. It is a tailor-made training schedule with attention to nutrition as well. After two months I notice that my condition is improving. The support is fantastic!

Owner Michiel is not lacking in knowledge. It's amazing what he knows and actually applies to treatments and training sessions. I love coming here for both. Highly recommended.