Psych-K® is a simple, pain-free and powerful method to transform limiting beliefs into supportive beliefs at the subconscious level. In addition, you can reprogram blockages from past (emotionally) stressful events for greater inner peace and freedom.

The subconscious brain is our autopilot. Its job includes keeping us safe and regulating vital bodily functions. Behavior is also mostly subconscious. Recent studies show that we spend 95% of our day acting directly from our subconscious mind.

Event > Thought > Thought Pattern > Belief > Behavior > Identity

An event can lead to a belief, especially if it is accompanied by an intense emotion. Think of an emotional end of a love affair, for example. These beliefs create a filter that determines how you experience the world. Do you find it difficult to receive a compliment? Do you often figure yourself out compared to others? Do you become easily insecure? Do you find it difficult to receive love? Is there self-sabotaging behavior? Or are you very hard on yourself and do you often set the bar too high? Perhaps you have one or more limiting beliefs.

Psych-K® works for anyone who is open to it and can produce amazing results. For example, clients we treat experience better sleep, more inner peace, more self-confidence and/or that they react differently to emotion or situations than before.

With this method, you don't have to dig deep or relive traumas. Within minutes you can change a belief. The sessions are safe and pain-free and are ideal to combine with a treatment plan for physical complaints, as we often already do with sessions of NeuroKinetic Therapy.

'During the session a lot of things came loose and already after the first treatment I noticed a real difference. As if a burden fell off my shoulders in one fell swoop.'

'I have done a number of sessions and what it has done for me is that is sleep much better at night! And this while I had been awake a lot at night for years. I can recommend this to everyone!'

'I was struggling with my self-confidence and my appearance. During the sessions I found out the reason for this. It's something I need to work on permanently, but through the sessions it's really improving and I'm very happy about that!'