MYLOGENICS (Physical Therapy)

Mylogenics is a method for finding the weak spot around the joint or in the chain of motion and, on the other hand, an effective release technique for painful muscles and joints.

Mylogenics is thus a combination of research and treatment, and because the effect of a treatment technique can be constantly tested, no time is wasted on symptom management. Thus, a Mylogenics treatment is not only effective but also efficient.

Overuse can cause a muscle to stiffen, or stick to other structures, (for example, another muscle). This stiffening or adhesion makes the muscle less able to tighten and this muscle and the associated joint becomes less taxable. This in turn can affect other muscles or joints. As a result, other muscles must compensate, may also stiffen and become painful. Or that a joint cannot be stabilized properly, making it painful.

With Mylogenics you track down these stiffened and thus less functioning muscles and with special release techniques you can also treat these muscles right away!

A Mylogenics treatment takes half an hour and can usually pass through (thin) clothing. In some cases, we will ask you to partially undress to better palpate muscles and other structures.

We always recommend combining treatment with specific exercises, strength training or a movement form such as Pilates. We will inform you about this during and/or after the treatment.

Because this treatment is performed by our physiotherapists, you will receive (if you have additional insurance for physiotherapy) a portion of the treatment back. With the Mylogenics Advanced certification, Energenic has the highest seal of approval for performing this treatment.

Mylogenics is effective at:

Muscle and joint injuries, Neck and back pain, Shoulder complaints, Radiation in the arm, Bursitis, Radiation in the leg, Piriformis syndrome, Sweaters knee, Running complaints, Achilles tendon complaints, Calf injuries, Muscle strains, And more!

I had a shoulder injury, which still bothered me after almost a year. After treatment by Energenic, the injury disappeared completely within a few weeks.

Michiel was able to help me optimise my load capacity during my preparation for a marathon. Partly because of this, it was a success. Michael's approach is clear, transparent and professional!

Energenic and especially my physio Michiel helped me get rid of my shoulder injury in one hour. It's a very refreshing method that Michiel uses, so no unnecessary extra treatments.

Where my other specialists get stuck in treating me and getting me pain free, Michiel manages to help me every time again so that I can carry on. I am a big fan!

'Energenic applies treatment methods that stimulate the body's self-healing ability. I have been helped fantastically to be pain free again. In addition, my balance has improved. Wonderful to experience and highly recommended!'