At Energenic, we treat various forms of shoulder complaints such as rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, bursitis, tendonitis and complaints following a collarbone fracture, shoulder luxation and more. Regardless of the specific type of complaint, we always look for the cause of the problem.

Cause of your complaints?

Prior to the first treatment, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire and discuss with you your medical history. We look for possible leads for the origin of your shoulder complaints, such as an accident, surgery, fall or previous injury. If no relationship can be found here, we will investigate whether there is a connection between the complaints and posture, inactivity, stress or overuse.

Neuromuscular examination

The neuromuscular examination begins with some simple tasks to test the mobility of your shoulder and neck. Then we do a comprehensive examination on the treatment couch testing the muscle function of the various muscles of the shoulder, neck, upper back, low back and arms. We realize that shoulder problems are often linked to other parts of the body. For this reason, we examine other regions as well.

Shoulder pain treatment 

After the examination we give you insight into the cause of your complaints and which structures are involved. We'll explain what the treatments will look like and afterwards you'll be given one or more exercises to work on at home. It is essential for your recovery to do these exercises. We chart the progression per treatment, so you always know where you stand. The average number of treatments is between 5 and 7, regardless of how long the symptoms have existed.

Do you want to be able to lie on your side pain-free? Or would you like to be able to play sports again without shoulder pain? Have you had complaints for a long time and want to know what the real cause of these complaints is? Then make an appointment!

I had a shoulder injury, which still bothered me after almost a year. After treatment by Energenic, the injury disappeared completely within a few weeks.

'Michiel was very good at helping me optimize my load capacity during my preparation for a marathon. Partly because of this it became a success. Michiel's approach is clear, transparent and professional!'

'Energenic and especially my physio Michiel helped me get rid of my shoulder injury in one hour. Very refreshing method Michiel uses and so no unnecessary extra treatments.'

'Where my other specialists get stuck in treating and getting me pain free, Michiel manages to help me every time so I can move on. I'm a big fan!

'Energenic applies treatment methods that stimulate the body's self-healing ability. I have been helped fantastically to be pain free again. In addition, my balance has improved. Wonderful to experience and highly recommended!'