Energenic was founded on a passion for health and exercise. It is our mission to guide clients who are willing to invest in themselves towards lasting and optimal health. We believe that in order to achieve lasting results, an integrated approach is needed in which various health aspects must be considered.


Everyone at Energenic is certified and constantly takes courses and training both internally and externally to continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Health and exercise is our passion! 


We are also involved in your process between contact moments. Our clients experience this involvement as a great added value.


Both during treatments and Physical coaching, we always monitor progression by retesting and working with equipment where necessary to use data to make everything transparent.

ABOUT MICHIEL (owner Energenic)

Michiel is a physical therapist and personal trainer. It is his specialty as a practitioner to quickly identify the cause of the complaint, especially with long-term symptoms. In doing so, he goes a lot further than standard physical therapy. The body moves as a whole and will have to be considered in its totality in a treatment plan.

It is a privilege for Michiel to work with people on a daily basis. As a physical therapist, he has had all kinds of people on his treatment table: from elite athletes to recreational athletes, from young to old. The most important thing for him is that he works with motivated clients

Training Michiel:

Physical Therapy, NeuroKinetic Therapy® (level 3), Mylogenics Advanced, Trigger Point Reset Method, Spine Rehabilitation, Mulligan A and B, TOP A, TOP B, TOP C (Overload Worldwide), Orthomolecular Nutrition, Strength and Coordination (Frans Bosch), Bayesian Bodybuilding and more!