Do you want insight into what is causing your symptoms?

Do you get tired of your complaint just not going away?

Want to regain pain-free movement and a lasting solution to your complaint or injury?

Have you tried various methods, but without (long-term) success?

Then read about how we can help you on this website, because we look at a symptom picture differently!  

Energenic focuses on improving and optimizing your physical performance! With the relatively new treatment method Neurokinetic Therapy® we work efficiently and effectively on your injury or pain. Already during the first session we identify the cause of your symptoms and by focusing on this, we do not lose valuable time. After working on the cause of your injury or pain we will start working on increasing the (local) capacity, with a lasting result!

A musculoskeletal complaint is more than just painful muscle or joint. Did you know that there can be an emotional component to a symptom? Especially if it is long-term or recurring, there may be a link here. We can also include general health in the treatment process if necessary. Good general health is a prerequisite for recovery from an injury.

Energenic is located at a beautifully renovated old paint factory on van Hallstraat in Amsterdam West. In case you are less well known in Amsterdam: Energenic is in the Westerpark neighborhood (between the Jordaan and Westerpark).