NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a revolutionary treatment method from the United States that is able to quickly identify and resolve the cause of a complaint or injury. It was developed by David Weinstock, a physiotherapist and neuromuscular therapist.

This method uses muscle function tests to quickly find the weak spot around a joint. It is important to realize that the site of pain is rarely the site of the cause of the complaint. Often the body is quite capable of using compensatory strategies to compensate for weaknesses. Only when these strategies are exhausted does the pain complaint arise.

With Energenic's NeuroKinetic Therapy approach, much more is possible than you think when it comes to treating your symptoms. Because Energenic focuses on treating the cause of the complaint and not just treating the symptom, the treatment sessions are often shorter. In this regard, it does not matter how long you have had complaints. The treatment process goes from treatments on the treatment couch to improving the load capacity in the training studio. With training, the body is stimulated to integrate the correct movement pattern. It is essential to go through both phases to get rid of your symptoms.

Although Energenic's approach falls under physical therapy, it is more of a modern and advanced form of physical therapy. Within physical therapy there are many different methods and Energenic uses a relatively new and still unknown method, NeuroKinetic Therapy.


During the intake you will gain insight into the reason for your complaints and/or why they just won't go away. We explain what to expect during the upcoming treatments. Then we will do an extensive analysis to determine the cause of your complaint or injury. After this analysis we will discuss the findings with you and there will be plenty of time for treatment.


After the intake you will know the cause of your complaints and what you can do yourself to speed up your recovery. Often during the first three treatments we can indicate how many treatments you need to get rid of your complaints permanently. We want to work efficiently and test each treatment to see what the progression is and what still needs to be treated.

During the intake and treatments it is necessary to partially undress. Should you like to put on or bring sportswear, you can of course do so at any time.


With most symptomology, there is a load-bearing problem. This means that the tissue is not strong enough to carry what you ask for daily. To improve the load-bearing capacity, training is needed. This can be done at home with exercises up to a certain level, but even better is to train in a gym. This can be done under our guidance or with a schedule from us in your own gym.


Energenic's treatment method is unique because we combine Neurokinetic Therapy with techniques from other methods. Energenic is the only one in Amsterdam that is level 3 certified to treat with the Neurokinetic Therapy method. 

If you have supplementary insurance for physical therapy, you can get part of the treatment reimbursed. A treatment takes about 50 minutes and is 90,-. Our treatment average is between 5 and 7 treatments and that is regardless of how long your complaints have existed.

I had a shoulder injury, which still bothered me after almost a year. After treatment by Energenic, the injury disappeared completely within a few weeks.

'Michiel was very good at helping me optimize my load capacity during my preparation for a marathon. Partly because of this it became a success. Michiel's approach is clear, transparent and professional!'

'Energenic and especially my physio Michiel helped me get rid of my shoulder injury in one hour. Very refreshing method Michiel uses and so no unnecessary extra treatments.'

'Where my other specialists get stuck in treating and getting me pain free, Michiel manages to help me every time so I can move on. I'm a big fan!

'Energenic applies treatment methods that stimulate the body's self-healing ability. I have been helped fantastically to be pain free again. In addition, my balance has improved. Wonderful to experience and highly recommended!'


(In 30 minutes you will know the cause of your symptoms!)