NeuroKinetic Therapy® is a relatively new treatment method from America that allows to quickly find the cause of a complaint or injury and to solve it. By means of muscle function tests, the weak spot around a joint can be quickly found. The spot where the pain is located is rarely the cause of a (pain) complaint. Often the body is quite capable of compensating for the weak spot with a compensation strategy. Only when this strategy is exhausted does the complaint arise. 

With our approach, much more is possible with your symptoms than you think! Because we work on the cause of your injury and do not waste time on symptom relief, our treatment sessions are often shorter. It does not matter how long you have had complaints. We work from treatments on the treatment table to improving your load capacity in our training studio. With the workouts, we stimulate the body to integrate the correct movement pattern. It is essential to go through both phases to get rid of your symptoms.

Energenic's approach falls under physical therapy, but it is more like physical therapy 2.0. Within physical therapy there are very many different methods and Energenic uses a somewhat newer and (still) unknown method, NeuroKinetic Therapy®.

The human body is complex, and especially with long-term symptoms, a subconscious component may be at play. Think for example of an unresolved trauma from the past, a low general capacity or poor health. We regularly see that this subconscious component influences the symptoms and therefore we always include this in the treatment plan if necessary. Because this component is "subconscious," you may not currently be experiencing this underlying cause.


The goal of the intake is to gain insight into the reason for your complaints and/or why they do not go away. In the intake we explain what to expect during the coming treatments. Then we do an extensive analysis to determine the cause of your complaint or injury. After this analysis we will discuss the findings with you and there is still plenty of time for treatment.


After the intake you will know the cause of your complaints and what you can do yourself to speed up your recovery. Often we can tell you during the first 3 treatments how many treatments you need to get rid of your complaints permanently. We want to work efficiently at all times and so we will test each treatment to see what the progression is and what still needs to be treated.

During the intake and treatments, you must partially undress. Should you like to put on or bring sportswear, you can always do so.


With most symptoms, there is a load capacity problem. This means that the tissue is not strong enough to carry what you ask for daily. To improve the load capacity, training is needed. This can certainly be done up to a certain level at home with exercises. Even better is to train in a gym. This can be done under our guidance but also in your own gym with a schedule from us.


Energenic's treatment method is unique because we combine NeuroKinetic Therapy® with techniques from other methods. Energenic is the only company in Amsterdam that is level 3 certified to treat with the NeuroKinetic Therapy® method. If you have supplementary insurance, you can send the invoice to your insurance company and possibly get part of the treatment reimbursed.

I had a shoulder injury, which still bothered me after almost a year. After treatment by Energenic, the injury disappeared completely within a few weeks.

Michiel was able to help me optimise my load capacity during my preparation for a marathon. Partly because of this, it was a success. Michael's approach is clear, transparent and professional!

Energenic and especially my physio Michiel helped me get rid of my shoulder injury in one hour. It's a very refreshing method that Michiel uses, so no unnecessary extra treatments.

Where my other specialists get stuck in treating me and getting me pain free, Michiel manages to help me every time again so that I can carry on. I am a big fan!

'Energenic applies treatment methods that stimulate the body's self-healing ability. I have been helped fantastically to be pain free again. In addition, my balance has improved. Wonderful to experience and highly recommended!'


(In 30 minutes you will know the cause of your complaints!)